To track visits from emails that are sent from an email service provider, you have to perform two steps: generating the tracking URL and inserting it in your email. 

There are two methods to generate the tracking URL.

Generate tracking URL from Salespanel dashboard

Open your Salespanel dashboard and click on the “Email Tracking” button. On the pop-up, insert the link that you wish to send and track in your email campaign and click update. Copy the generated URL from the list.

Generating the tracking email from Salespanel browser extension

For best experience with Salespanel, please download our browser extension. Once you have installed the extension, visit your preferred email service provider. For this tutorial, we will use Mailchimp.  When you open Mailchimp, you will see a green tick on the Salespanel icon.  

Click on it and enter the URL you want to track and press “TRACK THIS URL”. A tracking link will be generated. Copy the generated link. 

Now that you have the tracking link, add it in the body of your email (this can be the call to action button) and that's it  

Note: You will get a “Please enter a valid URL” prompt. Don’t worry about it. Click “Save & Close.” Once you are done with designing the email, we recommend you to send a test email (especially if you are doing this for the first time) to check if everything was done correctly.

Once someone visits you link, a contact will be created on your Salespanel dashboard and their activities will be monitored.