Here are three channels from where Salespanel adds leads automatically.

1. Direct sales tracking/ Individual tracking
2. Newsletter tracking/ marketing automation tracking
3. Inbound tracking

Direct sales tracking/Individual tracking:

If you install Salespanel Chrome plugin, Salespanel will be adding every person as contact you are sending mail automatically.

Also, the Plugin will add a unique tracking ID to all the links in your emails. You will receive a notification whenever receiver opens the mail and activity alerts when receiver clicks on the link and performs activities on your website.


* Send an email.
* Once you add recipient's email address, your contact will be added automatically in Salespanel.
* You will receive a desktop notification for it. 

* Whenever a lead opens your email, clicks a link or performs activities on your website, you will be alerted. All the activities will be visible to you from your Salespanel dashboard.

Newsletter/marketing automation tracking:

If you are using any marketing automation or newsletter tool, Salespanel will automatically create contact whenever a receiver opens the email and visits your tracked link. You will be able to see their activities on your Salespanel dashboard.

* Send the newsletter with Salespanel provided tracking-link present in the body of the email.
* Whenever your recipient opens an email and clicks the tracked link, his email address will be added as a contact in Salespanel.
* You will receive the desktop notification for same. All of his activities on your site will be logged.

 Though Source of contact is different, notification format will be same but you can check the Source of the leads from your dashboard.

And whenever receiver visits the link from the newsletter you will get "Activity Alert" notification.

Inbound tracking:

Website activities of anonymous users on your website are tracked by Salespanel. Whenever they enter their email on your website (eg: Web forms, Sign ups etc), a contact is created and all of his prior activities and future activities are logged.


* Your website must have Salespanel Provided tracking code installed.
* Anonymous visitor visits your site and performs activities.
* When the visitor enters his email on a form, a contact is automatically created and all his activities are tracked.
* You will receive the notification for same.