If you decide to use any web tracking tool, first thing comes to anyone's mind is how data will get into existing CRM you are using?
If are using pipedrive, Salespanel provides you auto data sync option. For that, you must have a pipedrive and salespanel accounts.

Here in the following tutorial, we have used dummy pipedrive account, dummy WordPress blog.

To add pipedrive's token to salespanel, just sign-in to your pipedrive account
Go to setting and then click on API.

And copy Your personal API token.

Once you are done with copying pipedrive token just log in to your salespanel account.
Click on Install Pipedrive token on dashboard directly or click on pipedrive token from a drop-down.
And paste the copied token in a pipedrive token field and click on submit a query.

You have successfully integrated your pipedrive account with salespanel.
Now visit your salespanel tracked Wordpress Site and do some activity or fill up the web form.

You will see the notification on a dashboard.

So when you click on lead generated, you will see details about lead and it's website activity.
And as we have done pipedrive integration, data will be synced to pipedrive account automatically.
To verify just click on the pipedrive icon shown in the following picture

You can see the detailed data synced in new tab opened.